Research Projects

Scientific research has always been part of the activities of A.I.C.E. Consulting, and is aimed at promoting innovation in all the main areas of intervention of the Company, namely civil, architectural and engineering planning, diagnostics and instrumental monitoring, with the aim of constantly improving the quality of services that we offer.

mong the research projects developed since the early nineties, we can mention:

    • Research for an innovative hydraulic risk control and prevention system;
    • Research and development of an ultrasound system with tomographic processing techniques for diagnostics in the civil and monumental construction sector;
    • Development of a nonlinear finite element calculation code for an innovative structural analysis of masonry constructions;
    • Research and development of a single-channel self-monitoring system called EasyMonitor.

Starting from 2011, A.I.C.E. Consulting participates in research projects for the European Union, research institutes and government agencies, as SMEs (SME -small and medium-sized enterprises).

The research in which we are involved as a partner currently concerns:

    • the development of innovative solutions for bridges, viaducts and infrastructures,
    • the use of building materials and technologies aimed at sustainable development and energy saving,
    • the experimentation of innovative tools with BIM (Building Information Modeling) for the design and control of quality and efficiency in the construction sector.

The projects usually have a four-year development and involve the involvement of international research consortia, which include Universities, Organizations and Research Centres, Construction Companies, Design Firms, SMEs, Industries and Companies with a high technological content.

Research Projects

In details

Surebridge: The SUREBridge project is co-funded by the European Commission, under the 7th Framework Program, with the ERA-NET Plus Infravation 2014 Call. The project aims to provide an effective and sustainable solution for the structural adjustment of existing road bridges, by applying a glass fiber composite panel above the existing deck and a pretension plate in CFRP to the intrados of the beams.

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Insiter: Since December 2014 we have been involved in the Insiter project (Intuitive Self-Inspection Techniques using Augmented Reality for construction, as part of the Horizon2020 program). Insiter is a research project aimed at developing intuitive control techniques for construction, renovation and maintenance, by using augmented reality (AR – Augmented Reality) and tools developed in the BIM environment, in order to achieve improvement of the quality and energy performance of buildings.

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Pantura: The research project focused on developing an innovative, efficient and sustainable approach for mobility and building bridges, especially in relation to the impact with the existing urban structure. More than 50% of bridges in European cities are older than 40 years and bridges are a vital part of the infrastructure. Bridge managers are currently dealing with a large number of structurally deficient, obsolete bridges. The need to maintain, renew, strengthen and upgrade this part of the infrastructure will increase dramatically in the near future.

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