Business Quality System

Our Company has adopted a Quality Management System (QMS) in order to guarantee the quality of our services, which defines the procedures to be followed in carrying out tasks, starting from the offer or promotion phase, through all of the various activities of engineering.

This system was designed in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standards. The company has been certified by the TUV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH Certification Body with Certificate No. 20100122007646.

In addition to the Quality Manual (Q-MAN), the system is based on the following documentation:

  • Q-PRO-01 – Documentation management;
  • Q-PRO-02 – Customer Management;
  • Q-PRO-03 – Technical Activities Management;
  • Q-PRO-04 – Non Conformance Management, Preventive and Improvement Actions;
  • Q-PRO-05 – Human and Technical Resources Management;
  • Q-PRO-06 – Inspections;
  • Q-PRO-07 – Procurement Management;
  • Q-IST-01 – Use of the Protocol Register;
  • Q-IST-02 – Documents in electronic format;
  • Q-IST-03 – Use of software Gessica

Furthermore, our Company has obtained the ISO 27001 certification N 15 IT 9483 100 D as it follows the international best practices on information security by providing independent and qualified control.

The software mentioned above (Gessica) has been specially developed for the exclusive use of A.I.C.E. Consulting. This application (ver 3.5) consists in a Database for management of Offers, of the Orders acquired, which includes the entire Plan of the contract until closure following approval of the service by the Client and the Resources Human, in addition to registering incoming and outgoing protocols.

Following the expiration of the previous certification from the 2008 standard edition in July 2018, the system was fully adapted to the 2015 version through Risk-Based Thinking, the entire documentation was drafted and revised, and the company organization chart and the Company Policy on Quality developed, including appropriate training of all technical and administrative staff.

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