Mission & Vision


The mission of A.I.C.E. Consulting Srl. is to provide Engineering and Architectural Services throughout the Italian territory and internationally through innovative, sustainable technical solutions with low economic impact and responding the needs of the constantly evolving market.

Compared to other similar businesses, our Company is particularly versatile, resulting from decades of experience addressing the varying requests from public and private customers, providing comprehensive services ranging from the initial major operations, diagnostics, design, planning and supporting activities on site, customer assistance, etc. throughout all activities performed.

The abovementioned activities are made possible thanks to the characteristics of our human resources.  The staff, composed of professional technicians arranged in working groups (Operating Units) which interact with each other with particular synergy, together with the collaboration of external consultants, experts in their subject matter, on a case by case basis.

Furthermore, A.I.C.E. Consulting has a wide variety of technical resources (State-of-the-Art equipment, vehicles, latest hardware and software available on the market) that ensures the best methods in performing the tasks required for each individual service.

Within our proven Company Quality System, our Management performs constant monitoring of all ongoing activities, and an annual review regarding aspects such as the following: process indices related to the customer, production / system indices, staff training, purchase control, measurement device maintenance and, last but not least, economic indices with respect to the value of production.


The adaptation of the Company Quality System to the new edition of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 has been a fundamental objective of A.I.C.E. Consulting over the last year.  In this context, the Quality Manual and the updating of the internal procedures, of the Organization Chart and of the Company Policy have been created. Furthermore, the training of the entire technical and administrative staff is proceeding in a continuous manner.

The Management has carried out a scrupulous analysis of the risks and opportunities for improvement, as it has done in the past, at the beginning of the market crisis in the construction sector starting in 2008.

Through the potential and initiatives described above, A.I.C.E. Consulting aims to become a consolidated medium-term leader in Engineering and Architecture Services with foreign clients, with which are already referenced partners, thus increasing our notoriety in the provision of customizable and user-friendly services. In this regard, in addition to Western Europe and the United States of America, the company intends to create contacts within other markets such as Russia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

With respect to Italian clients, the Company will continue to increase the development of specialist services, both in light of updates to the various regulations, and through the introduction of new technologies, including instrumentation and diagnostic innovation in the field of civil engineering. Within this framework, the strengthening of our participation in research projects at both national and European level is particularly important (and can be seen with the research projects on which the Company is already a partner).

In the environmental sustainability field, A.I.C.E. Consulting will continue with the training of staff for the recognition of LEED standard certifiers (by the U.S. Green Building Council), GBC or other referenced protocols to the Italian and European constructive and normative regulations. This objective is aimed at energy saving and the development of green building certified designs.

In terms of quality, referring to monitoring and process indicators, for the following years our Company proposes:

1.- Customer related processes:

– Contain the number of official complaints at a maximum of 3 per year, with complete resolution;

– Maintain a greater than 90%; Customer Satisfaction Index;

– Obtain the award of a number of tenders and estimates exceeding 30%;

2.- Production and system indices:

100% Resolution of all the present non-conformities and corrective actions, and the identified improvement actions.

3.- Staff training:

Training of more than the 85% of the staff annually;

4.- Purchase control:

Control of any non-conformities of suppliers in terms of time and product quality and delivery status, with respect to external technical consultants.

5.- Maintenance of measuring devices:

Maintenance according to the calibration control program of the measuring instruments and the control of any extraordinary maintenance or repair operations.

6.- Assessment of production:

Taking the analyzed risk factors into account, and with a growth index not less than 10% of the previous year, with the exception of specific crises in the relevant sector.

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