Bridges, Viaducts, maritime and airport Works

Since its foundation, among its main objectives, A.I.C.E. Consulting has had the achievement of a profound specialization in the design and structural control of bridges and viaducts. The multi-year experience gained in this field has made it possible to expand the range of services to maritime, railway and airport works and related products. The specialized services offered by our Company currently include:

    • Inspection and drafting of the Survey Plan;
    • Census and cataloging with innovative techniques;
    • Geometric and structural survey;
    • Diagnostics and non-destructive tests (NDT);
    • Analysis of the instability and degradation;
    • Verification of static and seismic vulnerability;
    • Monitoring and control, during construction and during operation;
    • Remote management and processing of acquired data;
    • New integral design;
    • Design for renovation, reinforcement and consolidation;
    • Works management and accounting;
    • Static and administrative final testing;
    • Technical assistance for maintenance.

The Company owns the necessary human resources  and instrumental resources for the execution of the aforesaid services, through the formation of Working Groups made up of highly specialized experts and common professional experiences over the years.

Pontoon bridge on the Ticino river in Bereguardo (PV)
Customer: Provincial Administration of Pavia
Preliminary, prefinal and final design,
safety coordination at the design
and execution of consolidation works

“Alcide De Gasperi” bridge on the Arno River in Empoli (FI)
Customer: Provincial Administration of Florence
Economic feasibility study, preliminary and prefinal design upgrading by the construction of a new bridge

Bridge over the Marrash river HW7 Mokren – Bulgaria
Customer: COPLAN AG
Geometric and structural survey, diagnostic investigations
and NDT, F.E.M. modeling, verification of the useful capacity
and final design of consolidation

Viaduct with 9 spans and structural adjustment of the “Geodetic Base of the Vignarca” road – Piombino (LI)
Customer: Provincial Administration of Livorno
Final submission design, safety coordination at the design and execution

Galileo Galilei airport – Pisa
Customer: S.A.T. S.p.A.
Prefinal and final structural and installations engineering design, safety coordination and construction management of the annexes of offices, baggage handling area, arrivals hall, departure hall and parking building elevation

Military Airport at Campia Turzii – Romania
Customer: COPLAN AG
Detailed survey and mapping of the runway, taxitway and an apron conditions. Final submission project to repair the pavements and assistance to the construction management

Tourist port of Rosignano Marittimo (LI)
Customer: Marina Cala De’ Medici, Circolo Nautico S.p.A.
Architectural , structural and installations engineering prefinal and final design, safety coordination in the design phase of the management tower, shipyard, guardhouse, shelters and buildings of the “village”

San Cataldo pier in the port of Taranto
Customer: Taranto Port Authority
Diagnostic investigations, Preliminary and prefinal design, safety coordination in the design and execution phases, construction management related to the maintenance and structural restoration of the open decks

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