Sustainability and Green Building

Our Company has expanded its system of engineering and architecture services to promote sustainability in the construction sector. In particular, the design approach developed in A.I.C.E. Consulting is aiming at enhancing, in a synergistic way, environmentally friendly building and zero impact buildings (Net Zero Buildings), energy efficiency and plant engineering linked to renewable sources, in the knowledge that only through an integrated design effort and of coordination it is possible to create a harmonious and efficient building.

Our company offers its customers advice in the design and construction of buildings with low energy consumption, following and coordinating the activities required by the certification parameters in the phases of design, construction and post-construction (commissioning).

The aim is finding suitable and economically advantageous technological solutions in relation to the different situations, translating the themes of environmental sustainability into building processes concerning new “class A” buildings, renovation and building renovation or restoration, redevelopment environmental protection of urban areas.

A.I.C.E. Consulting also provides support to customers and businesses to obtain environmental certifications according to LEED® – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a flexible and articulated system that can be applied to any type of building and for all the development phases, from the design concept up to management. The competitive advantages for those who adopt the LEED standards lie above all in the constant control of the design and construction process and in the consequent high final quality of the building, in the certification by a third accreditation body, and, finally, in significant savings of management costs that green buildings, that is sustainable buildings, allow to obtain especially if compared to traditional buildings.

Health Centre – Chiaravalle Centrale (CZ)
Customer: Provincial Health Authority of Catanzaro
Prefinal and final submission design, construction management and safety coordination in the design and execution phases of reconstruction with energy classification A after demolition of the existing one. Project approved, task order in progress

Legacy Zone at the former Dal Molin – Vicenza airport
Customer: Classified
Upgrade of technological and plant systems with LEED criteria (“Silver” or “Gold” level) on 6 existing buildings

New “Concetto Marchesi” school complex – Pisa
Customer: Provincial Administration of Pisa
Engineering services for the final submission design drafted according to new construction LEED criteria and for safety coordination in the design phase.
Task in collaboration with Leonardo S.r.l. (Coordinator company)

Directional building in Vicenza
(volume: 16.486 mc)
Customer: Classified
Surveys and diagnostic investigations, restoration and integral preliminary, prefinal and final submission design with existing buildings LEED certification

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