Historic Buildings and Monuments

A.I.C.E. Consulting develops engineering services specifically aimed at the knowledge and conservation of historic buildings and monuments, with the scope of providing its clients with tools and technological applications for a correct preliminary knowledge path, up to the development of ad hoc design solutions in architectural, structural and system engineering.

The Company offers its support to national and public authorities, specialized experts in the field of restoration and fine arts, designers and private clients. The contents of the service are adjusted, on a case-by-case basis, with respect to the Client’s needs and the specific characteristics of the workplace where they operate, pursuing a multidisciplinary approach aimed at the correct reading and enhancement of listed buildings.

In the preliminary investigation phase, A.I.C.E. Consulting offers diagnostic services applied to the restoration and consolidation, through the following activities, which are preliminary to the choices of intervention and the type of building site, to deepen the knowledge of the pre-existence and its actual state of preservation:

  • Geometric and architectural survey obtained by integrating traditional and innovative techniques (laser scanner, topography, GPS, total station), in order to guarantee the best representation in relation to the expected representation scale.
  • Structural survey carried out through endoscopic investigations, inspection tests, stratigraphic analysis of elevations and foundations, thermographic surveys and georadar.
  • Critical survey of the materials used in construction, mapping and identification of surface degradation, stratigraphic analysis, always accompanied by careful historical bibliographic and archival research.
  • Identification of the mechanical and physical characteristics of the materials by means of non-destructive tests (PND) or semi-destructive tests, according to what is indicated by the regulations in force.

A correct planning of the diagnostic phase is an essential and fundamental step for accurately defining the subsequent restoration and consolidation project, avoiding variations during construction and protecting at the same time the preservation of the material integrity of the listed and historical building.

The Company is able to perform analytical structural evaluations on existing buildings based on a desired level of knowledge, reporting accurately the condition and the quality of the building and provide static and seismic safety assessments.

A.I.C.E. Consulting provides integral design services and works management for restoration and consolidation, restoration and enhancement of the building and monumental construction, based on the cognitive investigations, thanks to the synergistic work of highly specialized internal professionals from various disciplines.

Finally, following the conclusion of the construction site or during the management and maintenance phases, at the final phase our company is able to provide diagnostic services to allow continuous monitoring of the building and verification of the effectiveness of the interventions carried out.

Modena Cathedral
Customer: Candini Arte S.r.l.
Specialist engineering service relating to the restoration and
static consolidation of the prothyrum of the main façade and the apsidal towers

Ex Tobacco factory – ex convent
of San Domenico – Lucca
Customer: Municipality of Lucca – UNIECO Cooperative Company
Surveys, diagnostic investigations, verification of seismic vulnerability, design up to the final submission level of the structures and of the facilities and coordination of safety in the design phase related to the complex restoration

Cathedral of San Corrado – Molfetta (BA)
Customer: San Corrado Parish (Molfetta)
Diagnostic investigations and non-destructive tests (NDT) related to the restoration project and functional static adaptation of the Cathedral and bell towers

Giuseppe Garibaldi National Museum – Arbuticci Fort (Caprera island)
Customer: Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Mission Units & Arch. P. C. Pellegrini
Survey, diagnostic investigations, design up to the final submission level of the structures and installations of renovation works

Headquarters of the Municipality of Marcianise (CE)
Customer: Campania Region
Survey, diagnostic investigations, mathematical modeling and final design of seismic retrofitting works

Church of San Nicolò and former Benedictine Cassinese Convent – Militello in Val di Catania (CT)
Customer: NABLA s.a.s. (CT)
Diagnostic investigations and non-destructive tests (NDT) related to buildings restoration and conservation projects

Cathedral of San Sabino – Canosa di Puglia (BAT)
Customer: Diocese of Andria
Diagnostic investigations and non-destructive tests (NDT) related to restoration and conservation projects

Cloister “dei Padri” of the Charterhouse of Calci (PI)
Customer: Superintendency for the Environmental, Architectural, Artistic and Historical Heritage of Pisa
Diagnostic investigations including breakdown analysis, endoscopic investigations, radar-stratigraphic profiles and determination of chain pull by dynamic characterization

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