Public Buildings

The Company is able to provide Integrated Engineering Services in all areas of Civil Engineering. The multiplicity of services offered has been developed thanks to the experience gained in the field of non-destructive tests and diagnostic investigations, and currently, starting from the relevant operations, tests on materials and diagnostics, the professional team of A.I.C.E. Consulting has the technical ability to develop the complete design of new construction and renovation works, up to the Works Management, Safety Coordination, Assistance and Site Consulting, Testing and Monitoring.

The consolidated experience in the field of material testing and diagnostics have determined a particular skill to interact with clients in the public sector, as can be seen from the examination of the company curriculum.

This circumstance has been accentuated in recent years with the advent of the latest generation of seismic regulations, starting with the Ordinance P.C.M. n.3274 of 20/03/2003, issued following the earthquake of San Giuliano di Puglia in 2002, up to the most recent new Technical Standards on Construction (NTC 2018).

The company, in fact, has carried out an extensive number of seismic vulnerability checks and related upgrade or improvement projects on strategic and relevant buildings, among which we can mention n.44 buildings of the Fire Brigade Service Offices in Tuscany (for a total of about 370,000 cubic meters), 26 buildings similar in the Calabria Region (about 123,900 cubic meters), Institutional and Military Headquarters (especially with US Department of the Army – US Army Corps of Engineers), hospitals and sports facilities (including the Stadium) A. Picchi di Livorno) and school buildings dedicated to training throughout the Italian territory.

Regarding specifically to school buildings, A.I.C.E. Consulting has carried out multiple services for the verification of the integrity of floors and horizontal structures, plasters and roofing as common construction breakdown typologies mostly starting from the post-war period (floors in cement mix), but also on wooden structures, elements in reinforced concrete and steel, providing the most appropriate and avant-garde design solutions for the resolution of landslides and the reduction of degradation phenomena.

Among the most recent experiences in the field of new construction of public buildings or public use, mention is made of the definitive design of the new Pisa Marchesi Concept Complex (two secondary schools of secondary education), the structural design of the Costa Maritime Terminal Morena di Brindisi, the project for the reconstruction of the Health Home in Chiaravalle Centrale (CZ) and the projects and construction supervision of the enlargement of the arrivals and departures lounges of the Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport.

Sports centers of the Municipality of Milan
Customer: Municipality of Milan ‐ Sports and Youth Sector
Static and geognostic assessment service for sports centers, municipal stadiums, swimming pools and public showers of the municipality of Milan, including the San Siro plant, “Giuseppe Meazza” stadium

Headquarters of the National Fire Brigade Department
Lots 3 & 4 – Tuscany
(total volume 370.055 m3)
Customer: Ministry of the Interior – Department of Fire Brigade
Surveys, diagnostic investigations, seismic vulnerability, preliminary design of seismic retrofit/upgrade and energy certification of 43 buildings

Liceo “G. Marconi” high school in San Donato in the
Municipality of San Miniato (PI)
Customer: Provincial Administration of Pisa
Seismic vulnerability assessment of the building and verification of the brick and concret slabs with technical and economic evaluation of the interventions for regulatory compliance

Ancient slaughterhouse – Minervino Murge (BAT)
Customer: Municipal Administration of Minervino Murge
Diagnostic investigations, non-destructive tests, surveys, seismic vulnerability check according to the O.P.C.M. n° 3274/2003 and final submission design of seismic upgrade aimed at the new intended use of multipurpose centre

Higher Education Institute I.S.I.S. “Enrico Mattei” – Rosignano Solvay (LI)
Customer: Provincial Administration of Livorno – Constructions and MaintenanceInstallation Service
Engineering services aimed at determining the actual state of the plaster of the ceilings using non-destructive diagnostic techniques

Villa Baciocchi Museum Complex – Capannoli (PI)
Customer: Municipal Administration of Capannoli
Prefinal and final submission design, construction management, accounting and safety coordination during the design and execution phases of restoration and static consolidation works

First level Secondary School “G. Gamerra” – Putignano, Pisa
Customer: Municipal Administration of Pisa
Diagnostic investigations, load tests, seismic vulnerability check, prefinal and final submission design, works management and safety coordination of the structure seismic upgrade and reinforcement works on the first floor slabs

Town Hall of Bussero (MI)
Customer: Bussero Municipal Administration
Preliminary, prefinal and final submission design (Architectural, structural and technical installations), safety coordination, accounting and construction management of the transformation works of the old school building into a new seat of the municipality and transformation of the courtyard into a
pedestrian square

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